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early piano works

Early works can be viewed both as a point of departure for further developments and location to return to. What is created in one’s youth can be skeptically viewed as mere preliminary studies for later performances or as the world in which the mature body of work has its roots and its home. Claude Debussy knew both perspectives when viewing his early piano music. He expressed skepticism when he went through periods in which he no longer wanted some of it to be accepted – and he returned to his roots when he subjected other pieces to later revision. The pianist See Siang Wong also holds this dual perspective. He is young, ready to experiment and to discover every aspect of the realm of the piano, whereby he meets with young composers who are still seeking: a season of departure. At the same time, when he immerses himself in Debussy’s music See Siang Wong experiences a sense of returning home to comfortable old realms of the soul.

Release: 23.01.2006

Recording: Nov. 2004 & Nov. 2005

Decca 476 312-2




debussy label
debussy inlay


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